If Your KEY EMPLOYEE Walked Out The Door Today, What Would It Cost You In Time, Money, And Freedom?"

Will Jones, CEO

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"As a business leader, my brain was on fire - can’t wait to process my thoughts with Kevin and my team. Must read for owners, leaders, and board of directors."

If your KEY EMPLOYEE walked out the door today, what would it cost you in...

  • ...Time?
  • ...Money?
  • ...Freedom?

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"The author's stories and real-life experiences helps you think about employee retention as a long term investment vs. short term reward."
- Jim Pryor - Ardor Commercial 

"Every Business Owner Needs to Know This. Great insights into who, when, what and how when it comes to incentivizing retention."
- Sahaj Patel, CEO Triton Glass
"This book is excellent reading for anyone seeking to remain flexible while lining up the business to run passively, sell, OR transfer ownership"  - Ashely Tison - CEO, Opportunity Zone Consultants

Grab a copy of the book that is making CEOs see compensation from a new perspective. Your business, your leadership, and your ability to balance fairness & clarity has never been more important. 

What Business Owners Fail to Recognize...
A study of 10,000 business owners and 20,000 key employees concluded one thing; equity splits are a nightmare! Buckets explains why compensation strategies like profit sharing and promises of more money are no cakewalk either. They’re some of the most stressful situations an owner has to deal with. 

If we told you there is enough money to pay your employees more without disrupting your current financial goals, would you believe it?

Buckets – How Business Owners Keep Their Hustlers, is the ultimate guide to compensation tools that keep your business churning while tackling the big question on your key employee's mind, what’s in it for me?

Compensate Great, Before It's Too Late!
- Kevin D. Monaghan

6 Pillars of Compensation
Review ALL Your Options as an Owner 
Negotiation Skills
Understand and navigate your key employee's big questions
10 Insights of Intuitive Compensation
Don’t fall victim to traditional compensation methods. Learn what it takes to be INTUITIVE

Who Is
Kevin D. Monaghan?

"Buckets" author Kevin Monaghan was once the key employee at a booming company… until… the owners got it wrong! Never-ending arguments, frustrations over fair compensation, and threats of employees quitting caused the firm to crash and burn, sending everyone down the ranks and off the track of financial freedom.

Kevin’s wide-range of experiences, from Production Assistant on NBC’s The Office to his work building a financial consulting business in China, prepared him for the challenge he takes on today – helping entrepreneurs understand complex business concepts in easy-to-digest ways.
Currently based in Charlotte, N.C., Kevin D. Monaghan is the Founder and Director of Intuitive Compensation Group, his brainchild for teaching business owners how to protect, incentivize, and compensate key executives. Kevin makes live appearances all over the country sharing stories and tidbits (with a hint of comedy) that aim to help entrepreneurs, partners, business brokers, and key employees align their goals with workable compensation models that avoid the headaches that often come with traditional retention strategies.

When Kevin’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his son, amateur landscaping, and traveling the world... hobbies that inspire his love of Star Wars, his detest for moss, and his search for the world's best blue cheese dressing.

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